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After spending the last 10 years of my life loyally working for the same company, I was made redundant. This was completely unexpected and came as a huge shock to me. After the initial shock wore off came the big question...now what?

We are your typical family; three kids under the age of nine, working week to week to pay the bills and generally getting by. While I was confident in my role at work and knew the ins-and-outs of the business (having seen it go through many changes and restructures over the years), I had no formal qualifications to back it up. I had literally started out there as a fresh-faced 21 year old and worked hard to move my way up in the company.

The reality of our situation was really beginning to set in and there were more than a few sleepless nights wondering how I was going to find another part time job with only my experience and no real qualifications.

For a while now, I've had what I call my "one day when we're rich" dreams; turning my passion for home dressmaking and fabric into a business. That magical moment when I wouldn't need to work to make money but to do what it was that made my insides smile. To be one of those people who did what they love for a living. I began to wonder if the universe was telling me something - if now might be the time to turn my dreams into a reality. Was it possible?

I began to immerse myself in anything and everything small business related. Early mornings, lunch breaks (yes, I had to continue working there for over 12 weeks after being told I was no longer required), and late nights were filled with hours of research scouring the internet and watching countless videos on starting a small online business.

After some serious soul-searching, number crunching, some lengthy discussions with my partner (who bless him has been nothing but supportive) and believing that this opportunity might never present itself again, I decided to take the plunge! And so Fawn Fabrics was born. 

The initial idea for Fawn Fabrics came when I first grew an interest in sewing my own clothes. I spent HOURS watching vlogs of women (and men) around the world who were part of this amazing online community slowly reviving the home sewing movement. They were working with gorgeous fabrics and unique indie patterns that I was literally fawning over. I began searching online locally and found that there was a distinct lack of affordable online options here in Australia. There also didn't seem to be many options for beginners (like me) to meet with like-minded people.

Thus the idea began to grow. My ultimate dream is to turn this little online store into a community where people can come for advice and inspiration and to make connections with other like-minded people both on a local level but also on the larger worldwide scale. I have some big visions of where I want to take this and I hope each and every one of you will stick around with me to see it happen.

So I'll wrap it up by saying a huge WELCOME to Fawn Fabrics. I hope you love it as much as I do and I hope you'll stick around. I'd love to get our little community going so please introduce yourself by leaving a comment below telling us a little about you.

And let us know, what is your passion?

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  • Jen (Fawn Fabrics) on

    Hi Laura! So wonderful to hear about your sewing journey so far. I too started out with quilting but dressmaking really is my first love. I love that your me-made wardrobe is your go-to. I’m still very much building my handmade wardrobe but hope to one day have most of it made by me :)

  • Laura on

    Hi, my interest in sewing first started about 9 years ago when I came to Australia from Scotland with my family. I joined a quilting group and made some lovely friends who helped me settle in in those first couple of years here. However, there are only so many quilts a girl can make and they take soooooo long to finish. So I decided to try my hand at making my own clothes. I loved how I could start and finish a garment in only a few hours unlike making a quilt which could take anything up to a year to complete! I wouldn’t say that I am an expert by any means at dressmaking as I have wasted so much fabric when my hand made clothes have ended up not fitting me. But I find now that I always go to the handmade side of my wardrobe first in the morning and usually wear something me-made. I’m hoping that over time I’ll end up being able to make clothes that fit me every time. Fingers crossed. xx

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