The Top 5 Reasons Why YOU Should Sew Your Own Clothes

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Home sewing and dressmaking was - until fairly recently - becoming somewhat of a dying art, particularly in the younger generations. What with so many affordable fast fashion options so readily available, it seemed the skill of sewing your own clothing had become virtually extinct.
Thankfully we are now seeing a real resurgence in home sewing thanks largely to shows like The Great British Sewing Bee and Project Runway, easy to understand yet on-trend indie sewing patterns & sewing vlogs, blogs and everything in between. So for this weeks blog I thought I would give you MY top 5 reasons for why YOU should sew your own clothes.

1. IT'S FUN!

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    Firstly (and in my opinion, most importantly) sewing your own clothes is super fun. I mean what’s not to love? You get to shop for fabric and the perfect pattern. You can do it in your pyjamas while enjoying a cup of tea (or cheeky glass of wine) and some chocolate. You can put on Netflix and catch up on your favourite shows. And at the end of it you have a cute new outfit to wear! Sure there are parts of sewing that make us all cringe (ahem…button holes!) but even so the whole process is so much fun and you have a real sense of accomplishment when you finally nail that invisible zipper insertion!


    Alt="Endless Possibilities"
    There really are no limits when it comes to sewing your own clothes. Rather than being told by retailers what’s in trend and what you should be wearing, YOU get to decide. Choosing a fabric you love and deciding on a pattern - whether it be a nod to the latest fashions or just something you love the look of - you really get to make everything your own. There is a endless amount of patterns for literally anything you desire to make and if you commit to just giving it a go there is nothing you can’t make yourself.

    3. FIT

    How many times have you gone on the hunt for the perfectly fitted pair of jeans? And how hard are they to find? (Seriously though, I'm convinced I’d have a better time tracking down a unicorn for my 5 year old!) When you sew your own clothes, every item is made to your measurements. Smaller at the top and larger at the bottom? - no worries! You can grade between sizes if you need to. So goodbye too tight armholes, adios gaping waistband. And best of all, your garment size is whatever size you say it is! Yay…more chocolate!

    4. QUALITY

    Alt="Quality over Quantity"
    Fast fashion is great for a bargain or saving a buck but it’s not made to last. When you invest your time and effort into making your own clothes you end up with a quality garment that will last for years to come. So while sewing your own clothes isn't always cheaper than buying fast fashion in the short term, it certainly is in the long run. So feel free to refer back to this the next time you experience the eye roll at your latest fabric purchases.


    You get a real sense of accomplishment from investing your time and energy into creating something and everything you make will be uniquely yours. So when someone says to you “I love your dress. Where did you get it?”, you can proudly declare “Thanks! I made it myself.” Now what could be better than that?!
    There are so many great things about sewing - certainly too many for me to list here - so comment below & leave us your top 5 reasons and share this post with all your non-sewing friends. Let’s see how many new dressmaking recruits we can get!
    Happy sewing!
    Jen x
    P.S. I know I said top 5 BUT…I couldn’t help myself, so I hope I'll be forgiven for adding just one more. There is nothing out there quite like the sewing community. Seriously, head over to Instagram, YouTube, Facebook or anywhere that sewers congregate in large numbers and you will see that it is one of the most empowering, encouraging, helpful & friendly communities to be a part of, which is such a rarity these days. So that’s a huge thumbs up from me!

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